Home Use
Tumbler Folding Mat
Flexible Trainer Thumnail

Flexible Trainer

Flexible Trainer Mats can be used for exercising, stretching, warm-up or warm-down activities. You can be safer and more comfortable with your fitness activity including sit-ups, calisthenics, or any athletic sport. Perfect whenever you want to create a softer flat surface. This mat is available in two finishes and thicknesses as available.

Elementary Single-Fold Mat Thumnail

Elementary Single-Fold Mat

A beginner's mat for safely learning basic elementary skills. This mat has a single fold and reinforced handles for easy portability and storage. Made of a soft foam layer of 2" thick polyurethane for superior shock absorption and safe tumbling.

Deluxe Fitness Mat Thumnail

Deluxe Fitness Mat

Deluxe Fitness Mats can be used for exercising, stretching, warm-up or warm-down activities. Built on the same design principles as our competition mats, these mats have 18 oz. vinyl covers filled with 1" or 2" 100 ILD polyurethane foam.

Rollable Floor Beam Thumnail

Vinyl Cartwheel Mat

Make learning a cartwheel fun and easy with these hands and feet screened cartwheel mats. The images indicate recommended hand and feet positions to complete the cartwheel. Works for both left-handed and right-handed cartwheels.

Flexible Cartwheel Mat Thumnail

Flexible Cartwheel Mat

The mats are available in most popular and essential sizes. Made with cross-linked polyethylene foam which is great for shock absorption and long-lasting durability. They can be used for training cartwheels, handstands and more

Rollable Floor Beam Thumnail

Rollable Floor Beams

This is a great beam for beginners learning basic balancing skills. A Flexible Floor Beam is very lightweight and easy to store, making it a great addition to your gym, club, home or preschool. Available in 24 oz Vinyl or 26 oz eco carpet surfaces.

Rollable Floor Beam Thumnail

Fall-Ez™ Mat

Our Easy Fall Mat is designed to be a multi-purpose mat that can be used by infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors.