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Tumble Track Trainer

Tumble Track Trainer is a durable, high performance trampoline that features a heavy-duty frame with perimeter padding, a shock absorbing bed. Assembly is required. The vibrant colors and the soil resistant qualities make for an easy to care for, high performance, high quality and durable product.
Dimensions: Frame: 7'wide x 21" high Bed: 60"wide

We can customize your Tumble Track in any color you can imagine, EVEN PINK!

10' $1255.00 $1192.00
20' $2425.00 $2304.00
30' $3595.00 $3415.00
40' $4695.00 $4460.00
50' $5695.00 $5410.00
60' $6795.00 $6455.00
70' $7995.00 $7595.00

Inground Tumble Track Trainer

The Inground Tumble Track Trainer is flush with the floor and rests on a 78 inch wide by 24 inch deep poured cement pit in your gym floor.
Dimensions: Bed: 60"wide

10' $945.00 $898.00
20' $1800.00 $1710.00
30' $2560.00 $2432.00
40' $3511.00 $3335.00
50' $4270.00 $4057.00
60' $5220.00 $4959.00
Tumble Track Trainer Replacement Parts

Tumble Track Trainer Replacement Parts

Is your Tumble Track Trainer starting to wear down? Tiffin has all the replacement parts you need to keep your Tumble Track Trainer as good as new. Replacement beds, springs, spring tools, track pads, and adhesive back velcro.

Tumble Track Mats

Tumble Track Mats

A very versatile mat that is compatible with your Tumble Track Trainer system. Slides under the end and up to the leg supports to protect against missed takeoffs. Can be used for added training protection at vaulting, floor, balance beam, bars and rings. It is more portable than the larger pits and is equipped with handles on all four sides for easy mobility. 18 oz. vinyl mat cover with mesh top; 18" dual density polyurethane foam core gives excellent cushioning.


Sizes: 5' x 10' x 18" to 6' x 16' x 18"

Tumble Track Insert Mats

Tumble Track Insert Mats

The Tumble Track Insert Mats are for use when Tumble Track Trainer is set up with dry gymnastics pits or loose foam. The Tumble Track Insert Mats fit under the end of the Tumble Track Trainer bed to protect the athlete against missed takeoffs. "D" rings and straps are provided for securing mat to the Tumble frame. The Tumble Track Insert Mats can be used on floor level or in ground installations. The Tumble Track Insert Mat has a vinyl top.