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Tumble Track Trainer

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Tumble Track Trainer is a durable, high performance trampoline that features a heavy-duty frame with perimeter padding, a shock absorbing bed. Assembly is required. The vibrant colors and the soil resistant qualities make for an easy to care for, high performance, high quality and durable product.
Dimensions: Frame: 7'wide x 21" high Bed: 60"wide

10' $1255.00 $1192.25
20' $2425.00 $2303.75
30' $3595.00 $3415.25
40' $4695.00 $4460.25
50' $5695.00 $5410.25
60' $6795.00 $6455.25
70' $7995.00 $7595.25

Inground Tumble Track Trainer

Tiffin's Inground Tumble Track Trainer allows for additional safety by being flush with your floor. This product will require a cutout in your gym floor for installation.
Dimensions: Bed: 60"wide

10' $945.00 $898.00
20' $1800.00 $1710.00
30' $2560.00 $2432.00
40' $3511.00 $3335.00
50' $4270.00 $4057.00
60' $5220.00 $4959.00
Tumble Track Trainer Replacement Parts

Tumble Track Trainer Replacement Parts - Save 15%

Is your Tumble Track Trainer starting to wear down? Tiffin has all the replacement parts you need to keep your Tumble Track Trainer as good as new. Replacement beds, springs, spring tools, track pads, and adhesive back velcro.

Stock Wrestling Mat

10'x10'x1-1/4" Stock Wrestling Mats - FREE SHIPPING

Tiffin Stock Wrestling Mats can help give your wrestler the fighting edge! Our stock wrestling mats are made from the durable material and design found in our competition wrestling mats. Bring the quality of our competition wrestling mat home with you with our stock wrestling mats.