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NEW! The Octagon™ Match Mats

Tiffin Mats proudly introduces the first of its kind, The Octagon™ Match Mat, to the sport of wrestling. Make your tournament stand out as THE big event in an MMA style presentation. Dim the gymnasium, add a spotlight, and suddenly your championship matches showcase the wrestlers in a way never before achieved in amateur wrestling. Be the first in your area to join this growing trend!


Stock Wrestling Mat

Stock Wrestling Mats

Mats are already made and ready to ship!

Tiffin Stock Wrestling Mats can help give your wrestler the fighting edge! Our stock wrestling mats are made from the durable material and design found in our competition wrestling mats. Bring the quality of our competition wrestling mat home with you with our stock wrestling mat.

Premium Short Rolls

Short Rolls

On a budget? Our Premium Sport Mats are now available in shorter lengths. Whether you need a Short Roll for practice or even to cover a large area; we have the size you need. 26oz needle punch, non-slip 100% Eco Fiber Carpet.


Tumble Track Trainer

Tumble Track Trainer is a durable, high performance trampoline that features a heavy-duty frame with perimeter padding, a shock absorbing bed. Assembly is required. The vibrant colors and the soil resistant qualities make for an easy to care for, high performance, high quality and durable product.
Dimensions: Frame: 7'wide x 21" high Bed: 60"wide

10' $1190.00 $1071.00
20' $2490.00 $2241.00
30' $3590.00 $3231.00
40' $4790.00 $4311.00
50' $5990.00 $5391.00
60' $7590.00 $6839.00
70' $8800.00 $7920.00
Wrestling Mat Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports Spray is a complete ready-to-use spray that cleans disinfects and deodorizes all types of athletic equipment and gear in one easy step.

Developed out of both necessity and a painful firsthand experience, Clear Gear, an EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizing spray, was invented with one goal in mind: to help prevent the spread of illness and disease by killing dangerous germs.

The Sterilaser™

This revolutionary product is designed to get all of your athletic mats squeaky clean all by using germicidal UVC light.

The Sterilaser™ has been scientifically proven to be 99.7% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens an ordinary mop would otherwise leave behind.