What are your product safety warnings? *WARNING - Any athletic activity involving motion, rotation, inversion or height creates the possibility of serious injury including permanent paralysis and even death. No athletic mat is a fail-safe prevention to injury. FOR THESE REASONS, THE USER MUST ASSUME ALL RISKS OF PERSONAL INJURY WHEN USING ANY OF THE PRODUCTS LISTED IN THE TIFFIN WEBSITE OR CATALOG. These risks can be reduced by following these safety tips/rules: 1. READ AND FOLLOW THE U.S.A.G. SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR GYMNASTIC MATS. This is included in your shipment. 2. USE MATS AND FLOOR SYSTEMS ONLY UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF TRAINED AND QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS. 3. CHOOSE YOUR MAT CAREFULLY. The type of mat selected must be appropriate to the activity, sufficient in amount, and properly set-up. 4. NEVER RELY ON MATTING AS YOUR PRIMARY SAFETY DEVICE. Incorporate performer readiness, appropriate skill progressions, competent instruction/supervision and proper spotting as a part of the use of these products. 5. INSPECT MATS CAREFULLY ON A REGULAR BASIS. Routinely check mats and floor systems for damage or deterioration of cover, stitching and /or foam core. If in doubt do not use product until consulting with your instructor or your mat manufacturer.

Do you keep my information private? We do not sell or rent your information. We use the information you provide only to process your order or answer your request. We strive to respect your privacy, both as a customer and visitor to our website. We are always working to improve our level of customer satisfaction.

What is your pricing policy? We make a best effort to keep the information we provide as accurate and up to date as possible. Product availability and prices are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for any typographical or pictorial errors.

Product Error If you receive your products and you have a problem with it, you have 30 days to contact us and report your problem. At that point we will do our best to fix it. Such things may include: 1. Wrong size, color, or quantity. 2. Missing items. 3. Item misrepresented on website to what you purchased.

Prop 65

PROP 65 WARNING TO ALL CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS All mats manufactured by Tiffin Mats are within Federal Standards of Toxicity; however due to Proposition 65 in the State of California, this product may contain a chemical or substance known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.