1-1/4" Stock Wrestling Mats

Mat # Size # of Pieces Color Markings Price
21 12'x12' 2pc Purple 10' White $560
78 12'x12' 2pc Green 10' White $560
75 12'x12' 2pc Black None $560
76 12'x12' 2pc Purple 10' White $560
77 12'x12' 2pc Black 10' White $560

1-5/8" Stock Wrestling Mats

Mat # Size # of Pieces Color Markings Price
79 10'x12' 5pc Blue none $395
80 12'x12' 2pc Blue 6' White/Red $629
81 12'x12' 4pc Black 10' White $600
82 10'x10' 2pc Navy None $435
83 12'x12' 2pc Purple None $629
84 10'x10' 2pc Maroon 8' White $435
35 12'x12' 6pc Gray 10' Black $475

2" Stock Wrestling Mats

Mat # Size # of Pieces Color Markings Price

Mats are already made and ready to ship!

Give your wrestler the fighting edge! Tiffin's stock wrestling mats are the same material used on our competition mats, so you can bring the competition home with you!

We have mats that work great for home use. The flexible cut feature is standard on all of our own floor in just a few minutes.

Our mats are made from the best quality materials with the highest level of attention throughout the process; from when the material arrives, through the assembling process, to adding details and markings, until they leave our doors our products are looked after and cared for.

    Impact Tested

  • Our 1-5/8" and 2" thick rolls have been ASTM impact tested and meet F1081/F355 standards

    Vinyl Wrestling Mat Specs

  • 24oz. non-slip, non-abrasive vinyl surface
  • Built in antimicrobial protection
  • Permanently heat-bonded together for maximum strength and durability

    Flexible Wrestling Mat Specs

  • Flexible cuts along the back for easy setup
  • Ideal for easy portability and setups
  • Rolls will give or take 4" in length, we add a few inches to our rolls to compensate for this natural compression and expansion of our mats
  • 1 year limited warranty, call for details

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Stock Mat In Use Stock Mat Stock Mat Black Thickness
Stock Mat In Use Stock Mat Red Stock Mat Black Thickness

Wrestling Mat Colors:

royal blue navy blue red purple yellow green black maroon

Limited Colors:

orange gray