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Foam steps are the safe way for youngsters to learn to go up and down steps.

This shape offers skill building for crawling motor skills with arm and leg movements.

For an older or taller student, the shape provides an opportunity to learn walking up and down steps for depth perception and balance skill development.

The stair steps can easily be mixed with many of the same or other shapes to create a fun activity area.


  • Heavy-duty 18oz covers can withstand the roughest activities
  • Dense 55 ILD polyurethane foam gives support

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Stair Steps Stair Steps - Double
Stair Steps Stair Steps - Double

18oz Vinyl Colors: (Custom Color Combinations Available)

royal blue red yellow green orange gray black light blue lime green pink purple

Stair Steps:

ST222414 24' x 22 x 14" - 2 Step Red/Yellow $103.00
ST322421 24' x 32 x 21" - 3 Step Red/Yellow $140.00