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Short Rolls

On a budget? Our Flexible Cheer Mats are now available in shorter lengths. Whether you need a short roll just for practice or need to cover a large area, we have the size you need. 26 oz. needle punch, non-slip 100% ecoFiber carpet.

    Impact Tested

  • Our 1-3/4" and 2" thick roll have been ASTM impact tested and meet F1081/F355 standards

    Short Roll Specs

  • Made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles
  • Made from 26oz needle punch, non-slip 100% ecoFiber
  • Eco Premium Rolls do not stiffen over time because our fiber is flame-laminated to the foam
  • Flexible cuts along the back for easy setup
  • Ideal for easy portability and setups
  • Rolls will give or take 4" in length, we add a few inches to our rolls to compensate for this natural compression and expansion of our mats
  • 1 year limited warranty, call for details

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change

Flexible Premium ecoSport Mat Royal Blue

NEW Short Rolls

Roll # Color Size CXL or ECO PRICE
1 Blue 6'x39'x1-3/8" CXL $547
2 Red 6'x10'x1-3/8" CXL $140
4 Black 6'x14'x1-5/8" CXL $221
12 Blue 6'x25'x1-3/8" CXL $350
13 Blue 6'x20'x1-3/8" ECO $321
14 Blue 6'x21'x1-3/8" ECO $338
15 Blue 6'x21'x1-3/8" ECO $338
16 Blue 6'x20'x1-5/8" ECO $328
17 Blue 6'x20'x1-5/8" ECO $328
18 Blue 6'x21'x1-5/8" ECO $345
19 Blue 6'x21'x1-5/8" ECO $345
20 Blue 6'x21'x1-5/8" ECO $345
22 Gray 6'x20'x1-5/8" CXL $315

Slightly Used 1-3/8" Thick Short Rolls (6' Wide, Call to order)

Roll # Color Length CXL or ECO PRICE
D18 Gray 6'x10'x1-3/8" CXL $119
D20 Blue 6'x42'x1-3/8" ECO $595
D30 Blue 6'x36'x1-3/8" ECO $510
D31 Blue 6'x36'x1-3/8" ECO $510
D32 Blue 6'x36'x1-3/8" ECO $510

Slightly Used 2" Thick Short Rolls (6' Wide, Call to order)

Roll Number Color Total Length CXL or ECO PRICE
D15 Red 6'x10'x2" CXL $160
D21 Purple 6'x21'x2" CXL $336

LOCATED IN CANADA: Slightly Used 1-3/8" Thick (6' Wide, Call to order)

Color Total Length CXL or ECO PRICE
5 Light Blue 42' ECO Call For Pricing