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Prevent and Protect with Clear Gear Sports Spray

Clear Gear Sports Spray cleans, disinfects & deodorizes wrestling mats, head gear, knee sleeves and equipment bags in one easy step. Clear Gear is an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant that won't harm your mat's finish while eliminating the bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause problems for your athletes. While some products specialize in one or two areas, Clear Gear covers a broad spectrum of uses unmatched by other products in its class.  Whether you’re looking to kill the bacteria that can cause harmful skin infections such as MRSA, Staph and Strep or a product that can greatly reduce the spread of influenza or H1N1 during flu season, Clear Gear is your choice.  Not only is it the top disinfectant and virucide in its class but it’s also a fantastic deodorizer that kills odor causing bacteria, eliminating it at its source unlike other products that briefly cover up sports odors.

  • Ready to use formula saves time and resources by eliminating the need to mix a concentrate product and ensuring accuracy in solution quality.
  • Non-Corrosive to mats and equipment and is also non-skin irritant.
  • Premier treatment for wrestling mats, equipment and all other surface areas where athletic contact occurs.
  • Ideal for the treatment of large surface areas quickly and efficiently.
  • No need to wipe or mop, simply spray on and let dry.
  • Packaged in 4 sizes; 4oz, 8oz and 24oz bottles as well as a gallon bottle with accompanying sprayer to meet a variety of different needs.
  • Used by teams in the NFL, NBA, NCAA across all divisions, High School and Youth Teams as well as the WWE.
Family Package
(1) 4oz (1) 8oz
(1) 24oz (1) 1 Gallon
Athlete Package
(1) 4oz (1) 8oz
(1) 24oz
Sport Six Package
(3) 4oz (3) 8oz
The 4oz 3 Pack
(3) 4oz bottles
8oz Bottle
24oz Bottle
1 Gallon Bottle
1 Gallon Sprayer