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Mixed Martial Arts Equipment
Martial Arts Mats

Martial Arts Mat

Tiffin's Martial Art Mats are versatile and easy to handle. They can be used in recreation clubs, schools, and events. This style mat is lightweight, portable, easy to setup and take down, and extremely durable. Our Martial Art Mats are great for all varieties of Martial Arts. Also ideal for home use. This mat is made of the same durable 24oz. vinyl which is available on our wrestling mats. Constructed with a closed cell polyethylene foam, this mat offers superb shock absorption.

Tumbler Folding Mat Thumnail

Takedown Mat

Our Takedown Mat is designed for grappling, throws, sweeps, and falls. Available in two thicknesses to match your intended martial arts activity. Use our popular 2" cross-linked polyethylene for footing and standing techniques. Use the 2-1/2" dual polyethylene/polyurethane foam core for heavier throws and falls.

Sparring Mat Thumnail

Sparring Mat

Our Sparring Folding Mat is designed for optimum footing and excellent floor protection. Perfect for any martial arts training and competition area. The 1-3/8" cross-linked polyethylene foam core gives an excellent base for pivoting, kick techniques, and sparring.

Training Mat

Training Mat

Our Training Mats provide the extra protection needed when learning new skills. It works great as a safety mat for perfecting take-downs and high throws. Designed to provide that extra protection from practicing advanced moves.

Standard Cover

Custom Flooring: Standard Cover

Our Standard Cover is hand stretched over foam base and stapled to wood furring strip frame. Add 1 foot to length and width when ordering cover.

* Send us a drawing with the EXACT dimensions of your floor via fax (410-398-7397) for a custom quote.

Standard Cover

Custom Flooring: Deluxe Cover

Our Deluxe Tension Cover has a unique edge tensioning system. Tension rings are attached to a wooden 2” x 4” frame that vinyl lacings pull through to tighten cover. A vinyl flap covers the tensioning system to create a flawless finish.

* Send us a drawing with the EXACT dimensions of your floor via fax (410-398-7397) for a custom quote.

Replacement Foam

Replacement Foam

Tiffin's cross-linked polyethylene foam is ideal for gymnastics and cheerleading floor systems because it will not harden over time and it provides maximum shock absorption under existing floors. Available in other sizes, call for details.

The Sterilaser™

This revolutionary product is designed to get all of your athletic mats squeaky clean all by using germicidal UVC light.

The Sterilaser™ has been scientifically proven to be 99.7% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens an ordinary mop would otherwise leave behind.