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Folding Mats
Tumbler Folding Mat Thumnail

Tumbler Folding Mat

Heavy duty 18oz or 22oz vinyl folding mat with a firm 1-3/8" or 2" thick cross-linked polyethylene foam core. Recommended for intermediate to advanced skill levels. Provides excellent rebound and superior shock absorption for an all purpose use.
It's no wonder the Tumbler Folding Mat is our most popular!

Tumbler Folding Mat Thumnail

Elite Tumbler Folding Mat

The Elite Tumbler is the latest state-of-the-art folding mat designed for superior overall protection and prevention of stress injuries. Intended for all skill levels, this mat is made up of a firm/soft combo of 1-3/8" cross-linked polyethylene over a 1-1/8" thick layer of polyurethane foam.

Elementary Supreme Folding Mat Thumnail

Elementary Supreme Folding Mat

This mat is for the beginning student to help provide confidence and safety while learning new gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading stunts. Made up of a dual foam core with 1-3/8" thick polyurethane for softness over 1-1/8" thick cross-linked polyethylene for firmer protection.

Elementary Skill Folding Mat Thumnail

Elementary Skill Folding Mat

This mat is perfect for safely learning those first-time elementary skills. Made up of a 2" thick polyurethane foam core, providing outstanding shock absorption ideal for soft landings. Super lightweight and easy to store.

Elementary Single-Fold Mat Thumnail

Elementary Single-Fold Mat

A beginner's mat for safely learning basic elementary skills. This mat has a single fold and reinforced handles for easy portability and storage. Made of a soft foam layer of 2" thick polyurethane for superior shock absorption and safe tumbling.

Rainbow Mat Thumnail

Rainbow Mat

Our Rainbow mats are fun colored folding mats made for all-purpose use. Made up of 1' panels that fold accordian-style for easy storage. Choose between alternating or our standard rainbow colors. Made up of a firm 1-3/8" cross-linked polyethylene foam core.

Build-A-Mat Thumnail

Build A Mat

A revolutionary development in mat design. Each 2' panel mat has velcro on all four sides, so you can use them individually as exercise mats, or attach them to create any size you need. Comes with a 2" polyurethane foam core make it durable and light enough for kids to carry.

Wall Mounts Thumnail

Wall Mounts

Designed to allow you to make the most of your folding mats. Use your mats as padded wall protection by hanging them with our wall mounts. Comes in metal reinforced vinyl or aluminum for a more permanent option. It's as easy as 1-2-3 with your mats' velcro system for easy installation and removal.

J.S. Dive Mat Thumnail

J.S. Dive Mat

Our J.S. Dive Mat is 2' x 16' constructed of 1-3/8" closed cell polyethylene foam to prevent absorption of water. Use for a variety of technique exercises on the ground or on the diving board. Folds up, too, for even more usage variety.
*Mat is slippery when wet & is not intended to be used for forward approaches on the board.