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Cheerleading Equipment
Eco Sport Mat

Eco Sport Mat: 6' X 42

Tiffin's line of Eco Sport Mats offers high quality sport mats made from top of the line material. Our Eco Rolls are made with needle punched, non-slip 100% Eco Fiber carpet that is permanently flame-laminated to lightweight, durable cross-linked polyethylene foam. Ideal for easy setup and portability.

Premium Short Rolls

Short Rolls

On a budget? Our Premium Sport Mats are now available in shorter lengths. Whether you need a Short Roll for practice or even to cover a large area; we have the size you need. 26oz needle punch, non-slip 100% Eco Fiber Carpet.

Portable Game Mat

Portable Game Mats

These mats are great to go with you on the road, the perfect size for baseline or sideline setup, and are so easy and portable that you can use them just for warm-ups or practice. If you would like to perform the skills that are allowed on competition mats, the Portable Game Mat is the answer. 26oz needle-punch, non-slip 100% Eco Fiber carpet

Skill Mat

Skill Mats

Made out of the same material as our competition size mats for training consistency, you can rest easy that your kids can tumble safely in the comfort of your own home!


Modular Pits

Our Modular Pits are designed to help build confidence with stunts, new routines, and lower training times for your squad in a safe environment. Ideal for above ground training, our foam pit design is at landing height for fliers and bases to make training safer.



Our velcro is designed for use on our Eco Sports mats. You can use the Standard Velcro to connect your mats together while using our Guideline Velcro for marking competition areas.

Replacement Foam

Replacement Foam

Tiffin's cross-linked polyethylene foam is ideal for gymnastics and cheerleading floor systems because it will not harden over time and it provides maximum shock absorption under existing floors.

Storage Bags

Standard Storage Bags

Our Standard Storage Bags are completely eclosed with a velcro opening. This bag also has sewn on handles allowing for easy mobility.

Storage Bags

Economy Storage Bags

Designed to give your mats the best protection for the best price Economy bags are made with Reinforced plastic, which will protect your mat from wear & tear.

Storage Straps

Storage Straps for 1-3/8" Thick Mats

2" thick nylon straps used to keep your mats stored away safely. Prevent damage from daily wear and tear.

Storage Straps

Storage Straps for 2" Thick Mats

2" thick nylon straps used to keep your mats stored away safely. Prevent damage from daily wear and tear.

The Sterilaser™

This revolutionary product is designed to get all of your athletic mats squeaky clean all by using germicidal UVC light.

The Sterilaser™ has been scientifically proven to be 99.7% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens an ordinary mop would otherwise leave behind.


"I received the order today and was very impressed with the quality of the mats. I brought them to practice tonight (I coach a high school team) and several of the girls are planning on buying mats to use at home. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. I'm so happy to be able to support a Maryland-based business, and I think it is great that your mats are made in the USA! Thanks again," -Sarah Smith

Tiffin Mats is a leader in the Cheerleading industry providing a wide range of products for your every need. We sell everything from Cheerleading Equipment, Cheerleading Mats, Athletic Mat, Cheer Mat, Fall Mat, Gymnastics Mat, Crash Mat, Carpet Foam and many other products.

We take pride in our work and stand by our products, which is why we offer one of the best warranties in the business. Our products are manufactured in the USA. We don't buy our products from overseas and then put our names on them like some of our competitors do.

The enviornment effects us all and here at Tiffin Mats we do our best to used recycled material so we leave the smallest impact on our enviornment as possible.